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Dakimakura Bandwagon by Reveia
Dakimakura Bandwagon
I joined the bandwagon //// ! Hope it is okay! 
I like to call this a Sketchimakura ! Because I rushed this to no end //// and I'm busy with commissions 

A super coolio trend started by kamiireru

Rinka would rather own cute dakimakuras than be on one herself though.... Where did her bra go?
Quiet Clairvoyant - Adoptable Auction [CLOSED] by Reveia
Quiet Clairvoyant - Adoptable Auction [CLOSED]
Sold to - :iconmoons-crystaltear:

The auction will end 24 hours after the current highest bidder.

Once time is up, if you are the HB I will contact you, after payment is received you will be given the fully transparent version and full rights to the character.

You May::
- Alter -anything-
- Post art with credits
- Trade
- Resell **For no more then what you bought**

Please do Not::
- Claim as your own design
- Claim you drew it
- Resell for a higher price
Naked Apron by Reveia
Naked Apron
There are a lot of things wrong with me apparently!
I started this last night on a Join.Me, and finished it tonight! ; 7 ;'''

Rinka again-- I will probably add a bg to this one day-- and I PROBABLY SHOULDn't upload this either. 
Colouring her hair is a lot of fun, amongst other things!

Perhaps if you'd like, check out my current adoptable!
scribble doodles by Reveia
scribble doodles
I did the one on the right during a mini, and I got too lazy to finish it... I got to lazy to finish both ; 7 ; so .. I will most likely scrap later! aahah...
But you see?! I am conflicted if I want to try a painting style like on the left-- granted it'd be more detailed when I actually put efforts into it... 

Girl on the left is my character Rue, a cursed monster whose birth brought the damnation of her entire village. She is free of most human morality.

Girl on the right is Misaki! A character who I had rped for near a year straight-- she was to replace my character Chalis-- but she grew into much more than that! ; 7 ;!~ She's a maid who has a bit of a darker side to her past-- which taught her to cherish life to it's fullest! ; 7;

Not much else to say, still playing with art styles.
Hey everyone!
Not much new to say other than I've seriously been wanting to change up my art-- make the style more unique to me and what not.
I've just been having the toughest time to motivate myself however! Every time I think I know what I want to do and which direction I wish to take with it I completely second guess myself and scrap it.
Is this normal?? ? hhHHH. 

That and I keep playing Trickster Online, it's absolutely not helping me choose ahah.

I can't decide if I want a soft, more elegant painting style... Or if I want to continue with a more solid, but cute anime style.
I guess I wont really be able to know until I play with both options though :C
I suppose if you notice my art style wavering completely with the next few deviantions (ifI even upload them my gosh I upload like maybe 15% of my art tbh) that's why!

I'm also realllly wanting to change my username too, to what? Who knows! ahah.

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